As you might expect, we stock a small number of items on the site. We carry most of the essentials such as milk, chocolate and beer!  Much of your shopping will be done in the supermarkets and this page lists the local, smaller supermarkets as well as the hypermarkets which are slightly further away. We can also guide you to tradesmen who can fix your car or repair your caravan as well as how to contact the doctor or dentist.

Le Molay Littry  a small market (Thursday) town about 1.5 miles east of Le Picard

Super U Super U
Medium size supermarket. Open Monday to Saturday until 7:00pm. Closed Sunday. Fresh meat and fish.  Petrol and Diesel (Gasoil)
Turn right at the top of the lane and head for Molay Littry. Cross the roundabout in the town centre and take the third exit. Super U is about half a mile on your right
Shopi Shopi
Small supermarket, about the size of a Tesco Express and carrying much the same items.
Open until 8:00pm Monday to Saturday Open on Sunday morning until 12:30pm
From Le Picard. head east towards Molay Littry. At the roundabout in the town centre take the first exit. Shopi is about 100yards on the left.

Bayeux - largest town in Bessin with good shopping centre. About 12 miles east of Le Picard
E Leclerc E Leclerc
One of France's leading supermarket chains. This is the largest supermarket in Bayeux and sells just about everything including fresh bread, electrical white goods and high tech products.
Turn  right at the top of the lane and head 12 miles east to Bayeux. At the first set of traffic lights in Bayeux turn left. The store is about 200 yards on your left. The most convenient entrance is the third exit on the roundabout. Open until 8:00 Monday to Saturday. Fuel station.
Carrefour Carrefour
Another large chain which has recently bought the Champion supermarket brand. This store, though slightly smaller than the Leclerc carries a good range of fresh meat and fish as well as the usual supermarket items. Bread and cakes are not prepared in the store, Fuel station. Continue on from the Leclerc and take the second exit on the large roundabout so as to remain on the ring road. The store is about half a mile on your left
Aldi As with Aldi in the UK, this store sells general foodstuffs at heavilly discounted prices. The store is located in the Distri Centre complex. Continue on the ring road from the Carrefour and in a few hundred yards you will come to the centre on your left. There is a McDonald's just inside the car park.
Lidl This is identical to the Lidl stores in the UK both in layout and in most of the items it sells. There is a good in-store butcher. the store is now open throughout the day. At the first set of traffic lights as you approach Bayeux right and pass the War Cemetry on your right. At the first roundabout take the second exit and at the second roundabout take the first. At the third roundabout (the Eisenhower) take the second exit and after the next set of light bare right. The entance is 100yards on the left

Intermarche Intermarche
Another large chain. This store is open on Sunday morning. As with the other large store, there is a good selection of foodstuffs as well as general housewares. Fuel station. Follow the directions for Lidl above but continue further along the road a few yards. The store is on your right.
Caen The nearest city to Le Picard has massive shopping complexes at Herouville and Mondeville as well as Cora in Carpiquet.
Cora Cora is the nearest hypermarket to Le Picard. Far larger than most British hypermarkets it sells just about everything you might ever need. You need to go east along the RN13 so about a mile before you reach Bayeux take a right turn onto the slip road. Take care, the turning is just after a bend and it is easy to miss it! Travel along the RN13 (beware permanent speed camera) until you reach the junction for Carpiquet. At the bottom of the slip road continue right to the roumdabout. Take the 5th exit and go back in the direction you came. At the next roundabout take the 3rd exit and continue on to Cora.