For British holidaymakers Normandy is the gateway to Europe. Once off the ferry at Caen, Le Havre or Cherbourg most brave themselves for the long journey south and don't give a thought for the wonderful attractions and breathtaking beauty in and around Calvados.

Have a look at the websites listed below (they will open in a new window) and consider a short stop over at Le Picard Holidays. Better still, give that long haul a miss next year and spend a couple of weeks with us - you won't regret it.

titanic Cite de la Mer, Cherbourg

Go to Cherbourg to View an Atomic submarine, diving bathescapes, aquarium,
Titanic exhibition, www.citedelamer.com
Normandy Tourist website

Normandy Tourist Board

"Just a short way across the Channel, by ferry, train or plane, Normandy offers you its own special version of France, with its local dishes, verdant landscapes, historical towns, and friendly people."


Pegasus Bridge Memorial  Pegasus Bridge Memorial
The capture of the River Orne bridge at Ranville and the bridge across the Caen Canal at Bénouville is the most famous mission of the airborne division. 180 troops of the Ox and Bucks Light Infantry, commanded by Major John Howard, captured the bridges after landing in Horsa gliders only metres from their objectives.
Caen Memorial Museum  Le Memorial de Caen
This is a museum for Peace that gives an overall history of war from 1918 to the present day. It is split into many different sections starting with a journey into history in the aftermath of WW1 and then moving on to various aspects of WW2 including the French Resistance and D-Day 

  Battle of Normandy Museum Bayeux
Located just a few minutes from the Landing Beaches this museum devotes a 2000m2 area to a detailed representation of the conflicts which unfurled on Normandy soil between 7th June and 29th August 1944. A completely updated exhibition includes equipment, uniforms, a chronological presentation, themed areas and a new 25 minute film of archive material.

Bayeux Bassin  The Official Bayeux and Bessin Website (translation may amuse)
Finally, the capital of the Bessin miraculously spared during the landings, Bayeux has preserved the charm of a historic city with character. Around the Cathedral and the safeguarded area or along the river to explore the trades of the past, a stroll through the old Bayeux is always a pleasure

Mont Saint Michel Le Mont Saint Michel
.The "Wonder of the Western World" forms a tower in the heart of an immense bay invaded by the highest tides in Europe. ... At the same time as the abbey was developing a village grew up from the Middle Age. It flourished on the south-east side of the rock surrounded by walls dated for the most part from the Hundred Years war. This village has always a commercial vocation.

UNESCO has classed the Mont Saint-Michel as a world heritage in 1979 and this mecca of tourism welcomes more than three million visitors a year.


Holiday in Britain last year?
British Seaside
Were you caught out by the promise of the "Barbeque Summer"? The Met Office didn't get it quite right did they!
Were you put off going abroad by the fall in value of the Pound against the Euro?

The wet weather in Britain led many families to spend far more than they had bargained for. Keeping the kids amused and finding somewhere to go out of the rain can be expensive.

Those who came to Le Picard had no such problems. The weather was, as usual warm and sunny throughout the season. All Dad had to do was dip his hand in his pocket occasionally to buy the kids an ice cream or cold drink.

Don't get caught out next year!!

New to Caravanning and Camping

French road

Perhaps you'd like to caravan abroad but can't pluck up the courage to deal with driving on the right.

Don't worry! Its very easy, especially if you make Le Picard your destination. Once off the ferry at either Caen or Cherbourg you'll find yourself on a quiet dual carriageway for all but the last few miles which take you along largely empty A roads. Remember, traffic is much lighter and the roads much straighter and flatter in France.